Steering Committee Members

The Master Plan will be observed and directed by the Steering Committee:

  • Irvin Alhadeff
  • Bryan Austin
  • Janey Cooley
  • David Dwyer
  • Damon Krebs
  • Lara Mathes
  • Annette Nelson
  • Smith Wilson
2 Responses to “Steering Committee Members”
  1. Watermelon says:

    It’d be nice to find out who these people are and why they are chosen/qualified…

    • The steering committee members are chosen and approved by the Athens Downtown Development Authority.

      “Lookofsky has also appointed a steering committee to oversee the planning process, subject to approval from the ADDA board. It includes Masada Leather owner Irvin Alhadeff, Sumner Properties partner Bryan Austin, commercial real estate consultant David Dwyer, bar owner Damon Krebs, University of Georgia planner Lara Mathes, property owner Annette Nelson, Athens Cultural Affairs Commission Chairwoman Marilyn Wolf-Ragatz and Smith Wilson, a developer who’s served on the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, Historic Preservation Commission and Classic Center Authority.”

      This is from a recent article in the Flagpole :

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