About the Planning Process

Downtown Athens Master Plan Timeline, Process, and Deliverables:

Planning Process Timeline

This visual depicts the anticipated timeline and process of creating the Downtown Athens Master Plan.

 Data and Information Phase Fall: 2012

  • Update base maps
  • Inventory of existing land use
    • Infrastructure (water, stormwater, sewer, streets)
    • Ownership patterns
    • Open space, pedestrian corridors, greenways
  • Conduct case studies
    • Comparable cities, towns
    • Urban riverfront treatments elsewhere
  • Identify individual and interest groups for versions and input
  • Set up Steering Committee, website, surveys

Plan Development and Public Hearing Phase Fall: 2012

  • Develop priorities
  • Develop plan scenarios for public review
  • Public Hearing on plan proposals

Plan Refinement Phase Spring: 2013

  • Based on Public Meeting and continued input, finalize the plan

Plan Adoption Phase Summer: 2013

  1. Proposed Land Use Plan (existing plus infill and change)
  2. Open Space Plan
  3. Street Plan / Transportation Plan
  4. Infrastructure (general recommendations)
  5. Illustrative Plan (picture of the future downtown)

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