About the Master Plan

Final Draft of the Downtown Athens Master Plan Available

The final draft is uploaded under this link.  Please note: this document is over 12 MB and may be slow to download on some internet connections.  From this point forward the Athens Downtown Development Authority will be handling Master Plan updates (click here to go to their website).


The Downtown Master Plan Open House was a great success!

The Open House, last Tuesday, October 29th, 2013, had a great turn out and we received many helpful comments that will aid us in wrapping up the plan. We thank all those who took the time to come by and gave us feedback on the design concepts.

The designs are available for visualization on the “The Vision” page.


Thank you to all who participated in the first Town Hall Meeting!

Last nights meeting had 190 people sign in. Our estimates put the attendance somewhere between 225 and 250.

We asked and you delivered! Thanks again to all who showed up to be a part of shaping a vision for Downtown Athens.

The comments are available for download on the “Public Input + Surveys” page.


A “master plan” is a comprehensive strategy for meeting a specific goal.

The goal of the Downtown Athens Master Plan is to envision the future of this city in the year 2030 and to better enable all the citizens of Athens, GA to have input on the specific aspects of that future.

This amazing video was made by Russell Oliver for the Downtown Athens Master Plan:

2 Responses to “About the Master Plan”
  1. William Sapp says:

    Wouldn’t that revolving sculpture park along the walkway down by the river make a constant visual and intellectual stimulation for the people of Athens. I can’t wait to see it materialize.

    • William Sapp says:

      …not to mention a REAL (small) ART GALLERY (no Bulldogs allowed) featuring the very best work of LDSOA advanced students, faculty, and the VERY BEST of the local artists of Athens..revolving exhibitions, organized by a graduate supervisor in art history/visual art or faculty, current and emeritus. Gallery sitters: Local retired art lovers, students…a perfect venue for excellent art and learning gallery operation..why not?

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